Online Guitar Lessons

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks is an excellent option for online guitar lessons for beginners. This award winning company already have over 1.9 million members. Their curriculum offers a fun and easy way to learn to play the guitar from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. They have been going since 1998 so are a well established company. They currently have over 11,000 lessons with more lessons being added every week. Their lessons are video based making it easy to follow along, while having the flexibility to pause and rewind until you perfect each class.

With over 600 songs from artists ranging from The Beatles to Bon Jovi to Etta James, Maroon 5 and Kings of Leon, you will be sure to find something in a genre you love. These songs have specific tutorials enabling you to completely master the song and impress your family and friends!

Why it’s awesome:

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Over 11,000 lessons with new lessons added every week
  • Knowledgeable and entertaining instructors
  • Award-winning program
  • Step-by-step structured curriculum
  • Ideal for both electric guitar lessons and acoustic
  • Large community with a forum available to chat to other members, talk to the instructors, and ask questions and get help
  • You can loop specific sections of the lesson videos to enable you to practice specific techniques until you have perfected them. No need to keep stopping and rewinding!
  • Choose the style of music you want to play, from Rock to Blues to Country
  • Multiple instructors available so you can choose one you like the most or enjoy a variety of teaching styles if you like to mix things up!


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